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Our Vision

To become a world leader in the research, development, testing and manufacturing of trusted, science-based, naturally-derived biopharmaceutical and consumer health products.

What does
PBG Stand for?

PBG stands for Phytochemical BioPharmaceutical Group. The prefix “phyto” comes from the Greek “phuton”, meaning plant.
Plants are the core of our business.

By exploring their unique hidden potential through the creation of biopharmaceuticals- a field that encompasses everything from drugs to consumer health products- to bring the very best of nature’s healing properties to you.

What We Offer

A “one-stop-shop” solution for science-based cannabis and natural health products from conception to market.

A team of experienced, multidisciplinary cannabis and biopharmaceutical professionals in the fields of research, analytical testing, processing and manufacturing.

A suite of Health Canada licensed, ISO 17025 accredited, GMP compliant laboratories for analytical testing, research, and formulation development for cannabis and natural health products.

A 25,000 SQF Health Canada licensed manufacturing facility for cannabis processing and manufacturing. Proven proprietary biotechnologies for innovative products with assurance of consistent purity, potency, and traceability batch to batch.

Our Team

Jacqueline Shan, Ph.D., D.Sc. FOUNDER AND CEO

With a D.Sc. in Pharmacology and a Ph.D. in Physiology, Dr. Jacqueline Shan is a highly experienced and passionate force in the field of biopharmaceuticals, including natural health products, herbal medicine, and cannabis. She is the co-creator of COLD-FX, the number one natural cold and flu remedy in Canada.

Research and
Analytics Team

Our research team is a multidisciplinary group of scientists and professionals dedicated to furthering innovation in the fields of natural health and cannabis.


Our manufacturing team has developed cutting-edge biotechnologies and are capable of producing science-based natural health products and cannabis/hemp derived products including extracts, oils, distillates, pure CBD isolates, and topically applied products.

You Already Know Us

We’re the scientists and biotechnology innovators that have led the way in bringing natural medicine into the Canadian and international mainstream.

Our Mission

Providing better natural health options to the world through modern science and driving the research forward is both our passion and purpose.

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We’re a team of scientists who are excited about unique ideas and
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