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Medical Cannabis Use Improves Nausea/Vomiting and Pain Relief in Gynecologic Cancer Patients 

Cannabis use is common among cancer patients, but relatively little is known about the usage patterns and efficacy of cannabis used by gynecologic cancer patients. A recent review collected the demographic and clinical data for gynecologic cancer patients prescribed medical cannabis at New York University Langone Health between May 2016 and February 2019. Formulation prescribed, usage patterns, length of use, symptom relief, and side effect profile were collected from electronic medical records.

Nearly 90% of the 45 gynecologic cancer patients received chemotherapy and 56% were undergoing primary treatment. Medical cannabis was used for an average of 5.2 months. Over 70% of patients reported improvement in nausea/vomiting and 36% of patients reported improvement in pain relief. Of 41 patients with follow-up information, 71% found that cannabis improved at least one symptom.


  1. Fehniger, J., Brodsky, A. L., Kim, A. & Pothuri, B. Medical marijuana utilization in gynecologic cancer patients. Gynecol Oncol Rep 37, 100820 (2021).


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Dr. Dan Jin
Dr. Dan Jin is the resident Cannabis Research Scientist at PBG BioPharma. She has over 10 publications to her name in the field of cannabis research. She is a passionate force in researching novel uses of cannabis and educating the public about the potential of this incredible plant.

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