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Could Medical Cannabis Help Prevent and Treat Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had broad global ramifications and, while vaccinations are progressing, supplemental or alternative treatments for the virus are also crucial as viruses constantly change through mutation. One recent research suggested that high-CBD cannabis extracts have shown promising properties for treating COVID-19 by down-regulating ACE2 expression in target COVID-19 tissues. These gateway tissues include the oral and nasal mucosa and the gastrointestinal tract, where the virus relies on the ACE2 enzyme to enter the human body.

The development of highly effective, broad-spectrum antiviral therapeutics is in urgent need. In November 2020, PBG BioPharma received a Health Canada approved cannabis research license, which has allowed them to develop cannabis-based products that may be potentially usable in the treatment or prevention of multi-viral infections, including COVID-19.


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1.            Wang, B. et al. In search of preventive strategies: novel high-CBD Cannabis sativa extracts modulate ACE2 expression in COVID-19 gateway tissues. Aging (Albany NY) 12, 22425–22444 (2020).



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Dr. Dan Jin
Dr. Dan Jin is the resident Cannabis Research Scientist at PBG BioPharma. She has over 10 publications to her name in the field of cannabis research. She is a passionate force in researching novel uses of cannabis and educating the public about the potential of this incredible plant.

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